How to Use Technology to Sell More Event Ticket

Users don’t have to invest any additional money or cryptocurrency to sell out your event. You have to invest your money more wisely and make the most of every channel available to you, particularly when it comes to tickets and registration software.

The improper ticketing or registration partner may cost your company a lot of time and money or cryptocurrency. To improve attendance and maintain a lucrative business, you must use the correct technology.

It is entirely up to you to ensure that your event is wireless or successful. It involves promoting the sale of event tickets.

Finding new prospects is the most challenging component of the work for exactly 40% of marketers (including marketing and selling event tickets). A further 36% of those polled stated that closing the deal is even more difficult. Fortunately, contemporary event ticket sales methods can teach marketers a bit about how to better in both of these areas.

When Should You Begin Selling Tickets Online?


It would help if you started selling event tickets as soon as possible. Consumers nowadays are more self-reliant than ever before, and they’ve evolved into knowledgeable buyers who seek out information about the product or event as quickly as it becomes accessible.

19% of consumers want to get in touch with an event brand as soon as they hear about it. And when they’ve conducted their investigation, looked in with their connections, and examined your internet presence, they’ll be prepared to make their transaction in hours.

That means you must have your ticketing set up and ready to go as soon as your event is announced, even if you haven’t finished or planned the rest. Because once your prospects learn about it, more than a third of them could be ready to buy right away or, at the absolute least, won’t take long to make a choice and would want to buy tickets early as they do.

If your event is yearly, begin selling tickets for the following year’s version on the same day as this year’s event concludes. Alternatively, if this is the first time the event will be held, ensure sure your ticketing platform is up and operating before sending out your first batch of tickets.

How Can You Boost Event Ticket Sales?

·         Make Mobile Ticket Sales

More estimated 1.8 billion consumers bought something online last year. During the first quarter of 2019, smartphones were the most popular device for digital shopping worldwide. One of the most notable commerce trends you can exploit to enhance your sales next year is the prevalence of mobile for both significant and small transactions.

·         Make a Scarcity

According to, scarcity is among the most effective sales methods. Scarcity marketing may improve sales by as much as 226 percent if you’re honest about your promises (such as only possessing 10 VIP tickets left) and utilize it selectively. The following are the two basic types of scarcity for online ticket sales methodologies:

  • Quantity

Maintaining availability constrained, whether through a limited amount of seats, VIP bundles, or add-on events, will urge people on the borderline to buy now rather than wait.

  • Time

Users to your official ticket website with plenty of time to recover their minds are less likely to be receptive. One online retailer saw a 9 percent spike in sales after simply adding a countdown timer to their product page. Use timers or explicitly announce the end of the sale time/date on your web page to impact prospects.

Begin a Referral Scheme

If you’re having trouble selling tickets, you may be like most salespeople who aren’t reaching in front of sufficient people. 66.7 percent of survey respondents stated they had only 250 or fewer leads in the previous year.

Utilize Drip Email Campaigns.

Companies that employ email drip marketing generally receive a 20% boost in revenue. Prospects who have connected with your business continuously are 47 percent more inclined to make larger purchases, so cultivating leads through a succession of automatic and well-timed communications is an excellent long-term approach.

Some Simple Methods to Share on Social Media


Join our Facebook page! Join the conversation on Twitter! Could you take a look at our Instagram account? How many exclamatory calls to action (CTAs) in the last several years did you watch or hear? Maybe to the extent where you’ve lost interest. Creating one and blanket posting your blog posts is futile if you do not have a Facebook profile.

Repeatedly posting a tweet to an Instagram account won’t work (it’s a visual medium, after all), and it’s also just downright stupid. The idea is that to thrive on social media, you must put in the time to learn about each network’s eccentricities and adopt a well-thought-out approach.

Repost Photographs from Attendees on Instagram

Every chance for guests to connect with your event’s brand is a gold mine. Re-­sharing photograph is an excellent method to take advantage of this. Instagram doesn’t offer nearly as many built-in sharing options as other social media platforms. It does, however, provide picture mentioning.

Instagram users may mention their acquaintances in the comments section of a post by inputting their username. A notification will be sent to the buddy informing them of the mention. Moreover, attendee images can be re-­shared on your feed.

Contests Can Be Created and Run

Holding competitions to encourage sharing throughout your social media networks, such as Instagram, is a perfect segue from suggestion #1. To make that happen, you must complete the requirements to enter the contest ridiculously simple. If you’re using WordPress for your event site, Giveaways plugins simplify it. Also, make sure your freebie is appropriate for your target demographic.

Promote Social Sharing with Promotions

Create a strategy for getting your event-related content out there next on the list. Apart from paid sponsored content, you’ll need to find a few local, industry, or special influencers to pay to spread your content on their social media networks.

It would help if you chose influencers with a large audience in one of your target categories. Because your influencers don’t have to be renowned, this might be just one of your alternative audience bases. They must, however, be a YouTube or social media celebrity whose every post is shared, appreciated, and remarked on.

Spend a Little Money to Boost Twitter Engagement


If you don’t have a large Twitter audience, using their advertising methods will help you get started.

Twitter’s advertising platform provides event planners with a variety of possibilities. We recommend using their Tweet Engagements campaign to boost engagement. This campaign makes sharing, re-tweeting, and favoriting your ad creative a breeze for your target demographic.

Utilize the Audience of Your Speakers

It is a simple task. Contact your speakers before the event and ask them to advertise their session on social media. Most people have an extensive network to tap from regarding speaking engagements.

Identify the speaker with your own social media postings to encourage them to communicate actively. Providing them referral credentials to use while advertising will also help you keep track of the ticket sales they generate.

Some event cross-promotional concepts include:

  • Guest blogging or writing an article for each other’s websites.
  • Posting on social media or about one another.
  • Well, at the location, installing cross-promotional signs.
  • Generating cross-promotional offers.
  • In our following email newsletter, we’ll be highlighting one another.
  • Emailing to each of your email lists with a cross-promotional and event notification.

Post Event Information on LinkedIn Groups

It only works for a few specialized events, but it’s worth looking into. Let’s imagine you’re organizing a lead-generating marketing conference. You’ll discover marketing communities on Linkedin, some of which are dedicated to lead generating.

These individuals may or may not fit within your target market based on the scale of your conference. LinkedIn may be a powerful tool for promoting specialized events.

Join the groups, add valuable information, and announce your event when the time comes.

Post-event information on your city’s subreddit.

A common misperception about marketing on Reddit is that whatever you post gets obliterated by the community. WRONG! The savvy event marketer can navigate the Reddit seas by genuinely offering significant material to a relevant subreddit.

How to Boost Your Event Ticket Sales Website’s Conversions

Make Use of Audiovisual Material

You have approximately 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention. That’s why interactive elements like videos, when introduced to an event ticket homepage, are so powerful. According to the Kelsey Group’s analysis, 21% of HubSpot visitors who had the choice to watch a 60-second film were almost sure to make a purchase.

Including video content on your homepage, whether it’s a highlights show over last year, interviews with company spokespeople, or a full explanation of ticketing bundles, might improve sales by 20% to 86 percent.

Showcase Outstanding Speakers

Having outstanding professional speakers is one of the best ways to boost participation at your event. The event planning specialist suggests developing material about your presenters and their themes to enhance ticket sales after you’ve done that. It works because exhibiting exceptional speakers gives your event brand more credibility.

Share Feedback from the Previous Year’s Event

It comes out that 90% of respondents feel that good internet reviews will affect their purchasing choice. This statistic also covers third-party review sites.

You’re now prepared to Drive Event Ticket Online Deals!

There are several methods for attracting and converting potential guests. With these pointers in hand, you’ll be able to raise ticket website sales, improve event findability, and push your way to maximum capacity. Here are some crucial points to remember:

  • Use one of the numerous effective online ticketing options available today.
  • Increase ticket sales by following consumer patterns, limiting ticket quantities or buying times, and utilizing recommendations.
  • Convert more ticket purchases with videos, prominent speakers, and testimonials.

Constantly remember to check and review your ticket sales tools and strategies to discover the best, most successful combination of tactics for your demographic.

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